GaggleHouse creates, nurtures and engages online communities.

We have developed cutting-edge social software to help us do this, but we’re more than just techies.

We love our community members and we work hard to help them connect with each other and with information that is relevant, local and helpful.


We have been helping people to find connections online since the internet was a baby.

Through a combination of technology, attentive customer service and open communication with our members, we have successfully built communities from startup to over 200,000 members.

We’ve learned a lot along the way and we believe whole-heartedly that the most important ingredient for a thriving and active online community is understanding the common thread that ties its members together.

Sometimes that thread is based on an idea, sometimes it’s based on a shared passion and sometimes it’s the way that members think of themselves or the world around them.

We make it our business to unravel and harness that thread by providing the destination, tools and resources to enrich our communities and empower our members to connect with each other.

Visit pinksofa for an example of GaggleHouse’s niche online communities.


We spend most of our waking moments interacting within our communities. In fact, even when we’re sleeping we give them a lot of thought.

In our spare time we provide services to other individuals and businesses who have a vision of nurturing an online community.

We help our partners through the lifecycle of community building, community management and community engagement and provide the care, expertise and technology that makes it all possible.


At the heart of all of our communities is GaggleBox which is the social software that we have developed to power content and community management.

GaggleBox provides the tools for members to share, discuss, interact and connect with each other, while ensuring that the business behind the community can drive strong and secure revenue through multiple channels.

Our communities are spread worldwide and we have a global team of Customer Service and Community specialists.

If you'd like to speak with us then you can email